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Quantum Medicine and Energy Healing: Zero Point Energy Alkaline Water Therapy



Alkaline Water Therapy with zero point energy is a form of Alternative Medicine and energy healing. It is also a form Quantum Medicine with the energy accessed from the Field. 

Water Therapy is one of the true meanings of preventive medicine and an approach to Quantum Medicine and energy healing Self Care Health Care. Once we become aware of the many signs and symptoms, including the aches and pains that indicate our body's cells are crying out for water we can take action.  Thirst or dry, parched mouth is not the only sign of dehydration. Our body gives us many signals of dehydration.

Not recognizing the thirst signals of the body will undoubtedly produce complicated problems during treatment of these conditions. It is all too easy to assume these signals as complications of a serious disease process and begin to treat signal-producing dehydration with complicated procedures. When water by itself will alleviate the condition, medications or invasive diagnostic procedures may be forced on the person. It is the responsibility of both patients and their doctors to be aware of the damage chronic dehydration can cause in the human body.
~F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. 
Consider this; our body fluids require water. Our brain, the control center of our body, is 76% water. Our blood, which transports nutrients for our body, is 82% water. Our lungs that provide oxygen are 90% water. Our muscles that move the body are 75% water and our bones are 25% water. Once we get that, our health is truly dependent on the quality and quantity of the water we drink, Water Therapy makes good sense.

In Dr. Batmanghelidj ( Dr. B) book “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water” the science Paradigm Shift is presented that states it is the solvent - the water content – that regulates all functions of the body, not the activity of the solutes (the solids)  that are dissolved in it. This is a Paradigm Shift from the old view based that the solids regulate the activities of the body illustrates the importance of water intake. The disturbances in water metabolism of the body produce a variety of signs and signals. When water dehydration signals are not understood, water regulation actions are blocked by the use of medication, usually histamine and its subordinate agents.  The role of water metabolism disturbance can be addressed with drinking water, before it is assumed that a disease is causing the signs and symptoms requiring medication.
Many conditions cause the body to become dehydrated and by simply drinking water to re-hydrate the body symptoms can be relieved. Alkaline Zero Point Energy Infused Water Therapy can address conditions from A to Z. For example, alcoholism, blood pressure, colitis and dyspeptic pain to mention a few conditions. Alcohol addiction can be due to the dehydration of the brain from the alcohol that forces water out the body through the urine. “High Blood Pressure (essential hypertension) is an adaptive process to a gross body water deficiency.” Colitis pain is due to the dehydration of the intestines and impacted bowels, thus causing complicated constipation. And gastritis, duodenitis and heart burn that leads to a condition called Dyspeptic pain can all be treated with re-hydrating the body.

Western Medicine is unaware of the many chemical roles of water in the human body and the body's many cries for water. This is the most basic mistake that has deviated Western Clinical Medicine. ~F. Batmanghelidj, M. D..

Dr. Batmanghelidj says, "DON'T TREAT THIRST with Medications."

Dr. B's pioneering work shows that our own desensitized sensation to thirst for water intake or Unintentional Chronic Dehydration (UCD) contributes to our self-imposed dehydration. Without knowing it, we are the cause of our dehydration with our lifestyle, diets and drinking habits. We drink tea, coffee, soft drinks and energy drinks instead of drinking water. We produce the disharmony and pain, as well as many degenerative diseases that are caused by our own self-imposed dehydration. We can prevent and remove signs, symptoms and pain by increasing our water intake on a regular basis.  Is this beginning to make sense?
Dr. F. Batmaghelidj’s years of research, investigation and publications on the benefits of water to be healthy and pain free is available. Do your own research. Once we get that water is the basis of all life, energy and our body’s health we will make the shift. It is my intention to inform and create awareness of the benefits of high quality water and Alkaline Zero Point Energy Infused Water Therapy.

Did you know you may be drinking contaminated water or even "Dead Water"?
Yes, drinking a specific type of water is uses for Alternative Medicine Water Therapy. All purified water is not the same. Consider that it is not only what is in the water, but what is removed from the water and what is MISSING that impacts our health and wellness. You may not be aware that the water you are drinking is contaminated with chorine and sediments from the plumbing. In addition, most purified water is acidic and minerals are removed making the water - "Dead Water". Carbon units, ionized units, RO units purify the water, but these types of units or machines are not used for our Water Therapy. All of these types of units destroy the Qi or the vital life force energy making the water powerless and acidic or “Dead Water”.

Water Therapy is a form of Alternative Medicine, Quantum Medicine and energy healing from water. Water Therapy uses alkaline Zero Point Energy infused water to restore Qi or the vital life force energy, to re-hydrate, to restore the Ph Balance, which is done with alkaline water. This combination is our Water Therapy.

Zero Point Energy Alkaline Water Therapy re-hydrates , restores Ph Balance and the Qi. This type of Water Therapy is good for your brain, your cells, your organ systems and your overall health and well-being. Zero Point Energy Alkaline Water Therapy is an excellent Self Care Health care therapy. Use Zero Point Energy Alkaline Water Therapy to transform your health and wellness by re-hydrating yourself at the cellular level, restoring your Ph Balance and re-energize body with zero point energy.

Water Therapy is a form of promoting water for life force energy, for health and well-being. This is an invaluable public health message. We can all change the way we drink – by drinking pure, natural alkaline zero energy infused water that is good for our body, good for our health, our family’s health and our environment. It is also good for our pocket book as it reduces the cost of Health Care from the young to the elderly.

You innately know water is vital to your health and your well-being. Water is Energy.
Water contains Qi. What is Qi? Qi is energy and includes consciousness, information, frequency, vibration, and power.

What is illness, disease or sick?
Consider that you are not sick, but just thirsty!
Consider these questions seriously,
What do you drink everyday?
Do you even get thirsty?
How much water do you drink per day?
4 ounces, 8 ounces, 16 or 32 ounces?
48 ounces or 64 ounces?

You may are not aware that you are dehydrated. Think about it. Natural water is filled with energy and minerals vital to the body's health. The brain function takes absolute priority over all other systems and requires 18-20 percent of blood circulation. The body needs water for the blood and body fluids circulation functions. All organ systems require water to communicate and activate all other systems: Liver and Gallbladder filtering and cleansing system, Heart and cardiovascular system, Digestive spleen, stomach, pancreas system, Lung and Large Intestine system and of course Kidney and Urinary Bladder system.

You are dehydrated long before the mouth gets dry or you sense thirst! Prevention is better than cure. Take charge of your health. Drink water to start re-hydrating your cells, your brain and all your organ systems. Drink the best water. Drink Amega Zero Point Energy Infused Alkaline Water. Everything is Chi or Energy. Drink 64 oz of energized alkaline Zero Point Energy Infused water as a Self-care Health Care Therapy.

Western Medicine is the science of Health Care.
Chinese Medicine is the art of Prevention.
Quantum Medicine is the science of Self Care.
~Saquina Akanni – The Prosperity Doctor

Prosperity Doctor Recommendation:  Drink Amega Global Zero Point Energy Infused alkaline water for your Water Therapy
Listen to your body’s many signs and signals for water. Until now you may not have been aware of your self-care options or that Self Care is Health Care. Now you are informed. We can take action. You can actually leave the pain and disease with the doctor and be accountable for our own health and wellness. You attracted this information to you. If you are reading my blog, this information is free. If you purchased my book and reading it here, you paid less than $30 and I Thank You. You will Thank me too.

It is time for a change a Paradigm Shift. It is time to realize that your body is actually crying out for water. Do not give give your body tea, coffee, soft drinks or a Red Bull. Drink water. Use my Water Therapy for Self-care Health Care. Drink optimal water for your body which is alkaline water infused with Qi or energy. Use Amega Global alkaline zero point energy infused water for your self-care health care program. Become part of the Self Care Health Care evolution by taking charge of your health.

To Your Health, Wealth and Prosperity
Saquina Akanni
The Prosperity Doctor

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